by Girly Eyes

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A surrealist approach to writing music.


released September 21, 2012

guitar/vocals-Fletcher Stafford
Drums/Tom Bonner
Bass/ Antonio Dojchinovski



all rights reserved


Girly Eyes Houston, Texas

Girly Eyes is an album born from the Surrealist approach to making art. I try to banish all conscious thoughts, and let the unconscious flow onto the world in the form of words, melody and music.

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Track Name: Little White Horsey
Little white horsey, so-oh lost, in the pines
Can she make it out alive,
or will she become another victim of a crime.
Lying about, everything and everyone you meet,
must take the blame..
or try and take the blame, from you.
Take the blame..
And try to remain, sane.
Track Name: I can'T live w/Out you
In the morning, don't forget me, I'll be waiting for you..
Its true its true I cant live w/out you.
Track Name: Boy Destroy
Boys destroy, boys destroy
Steely balls and brick walls
Tupper ware and plastic chairs
Boys Destroy.
Lonely looks
and dirty books
Never was a dive boy
All the time, in
fine art, you were breaking
girl hearts.
The bold and shiny stars,
and darkened wars.
Boys destroy, boys destroy..
Nice china, virgin vagina
hot lips
big hips
bog of boogie chips
Boys destroy.
Track Name: I saw the Lord
I saw the lord,lying on the floor
In some, paint that i had spilled
So I gave her my hand and she ran
w/ me. Over hills, over long trains,
at gods speed, we ran,
oh did we run..
And you wouldn't have known it
but we didn't need anyone.
You may not have believed it,
but we thought we was everyone.
She said, no thought, had
ever made her sad.
She said no thought had ever
made her mad.
And I think i disagreed
I think I said I'd know better.
And I think i disagreed.
Track Name: Convenience Store
I was wondering through my day, when I stopped at your convenience store, all the sudden, you were handing me my change.
And as I drove away, I thought about what I said for three
days. Was it what, I believed it was.
Was I ever stupid?
What if I'd said that another way?
Is it time to have you?
What would you have said? if it would been,
another place in time?
Another place and time...
Track Name: Dum De Dum
Strolling along, singing a story about her..
Dum de dum de dum de dum
Fantasy and fun
Sweating the small stuff sweating guns..
Offering what she had said
You left home and it left me dead.
Is someone in your mind?
Is someone there all the time?
Dum de dum de dum de dum.
De dum.
Track Name: Deceive deceive
Deceive, deceive
You can not believe
The ultimate obstruction
the optimal high
A mob by your eyes
that always makes me cry.
no you can not believe..
Track Name: A thought I Feared
There was a thought that I feared,
There was a thought that I feared,
And when it went away,
And when it went away,
There was a thought and it blew me away.
Beautiful questions
Taxing obstructions
That make you think,
that make you think...
I loved and hated
I loved and hated
the faces that you make.
You seem to think,
Your loving
no one else.
Track Name: All I was
In the middle of the day
I got caught
Listening to a bird song.
Track Name: Might Come True
No one saved not one,
somebody must be coming home real soon.
Just to get to you.
Somewhere inside you.
Just to get to you.
Somewhere I can hide
Somewhere I can touch the sky
And you know what to do.
In the future we'll have more
fun to do.
Somewhere inside, somewhere inside
of you..
Tiring of all the, things that I bought ya
Things I could tell ya..
Might come true
Track Name: What you want
What you want
and what you get
haunting you
like a needy ghost
Explaining to her
her experience is not
real. That her romantic
furnaces, are gone,
are gone.
Curious sounds
Awe awe awe awe..
Colorful clowns
colorful colors whirling around
like a fairy